Our CEO interviewed by Forbes Cyprus

KUUTIO HOMES: Αδιαπραγμάτευτος στόχος η δημιουργία έργων ποιότητας

Άνθιμος Οικονομίδης, CEO της εταιρείας: Στα σκαριά τρία έργα στην Πάφο

Ο πόλεμος στην Ουκρανία, η κατάργηση του επενδυτικού προγράμματος και άλλοι παράγοντες ενδεχομένως να προκαλέσουν δυσκολίες στην κυπριακή οικονομία στο μέλλον, αλλά μπορούν να αντιμετωπιστούν αν υπάρχουν σωστές δομές, σωστή οργάνωση και τρόποι προσέλκυσης επενδυτών από διάφορες χώρες του κόσμου. Αυτό εκτιμά ο CEO της εταιρείας ΚUUTIO HOMES, Άνθιμος Οικονομίδης. Σε συνέντευξη στο Forbes αναφέρεται στα έργα που βρίσκονται σε εξέλιξη από την εταιρεία και μιλά για τη φιλοσοφία που τη διέπει.

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Cyprus is a beautiful island located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, friendly people, and Mediterranean climate.

There are many reasons why people choose Cyprus as their new residency, the most common reason the low taxation system of the country , others to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle that the island offers, while others simply want to be closer to family and friends who have already made the move. Read more “DIGITAL NOMADS AND CYPRUS”


Crypto and Cyprus Real Estate

Home listings are one of the most noticeable ways that cryptocurrency is being used in real estate and it is a strategy that is being used more and more to generate greater interest in the real estate market.

Given the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in Cyprus and around the world, purchasing real estate using cryptocurrency is a viable option in the current atmosphere. Developers are already offering properties for sale in Cyprus with cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

It is now a reality that the global trend for cryptocurrency is growing, and the number of people willing to conduct transactions in Crypto, or digital money, is growing. There is also the option to convert cryptocurrency into Fiat money for individuals who prefer to accept payment in the traditional manner using Euro or other currencies.

The purchase and sale of real estate is carried out as a standard transaction which appears as indicated below:

  • The buyer collects all of the papers required for the purchase of the property;
  • The lawyer will progress with all due diligence processes necessary to check the legal status of the property to make certain that it is free from any charges and/or encumbrances;
  • An agreement is concluded between the purchaser and the seller.
  • The buyer proceeds with payment of property.
  • The seller receives a confirmation receipt;
  • The deal is fixed; and
  • The record of the change of owner is registered with the authorities, such as the Land Registry Office, etc.

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New Release – El Pez

Our highly anticipated stunning new project El Pez will amaze you! It is located in the heart of the Pafos prime coastal area incorporating both beach and town location with breathtaking sea views of the Mediterranean.

Just imagine waking up to the sound of the sea and the clean oxygen every single day.

The project is perfectly positioned taking advantage of not only the natural attractions but the extensive infrastructure and amenities of the wider area, combining every aspect of the daily life.

Satisfaction is guaranteed when it comes to the exterior and interior of these 7 luxury beachfront residences!


New Release – Majestic Central Residence

The latest remarkable new development of Kuutio Homes, Majestic Central Residence with its modern stylish apartments and luxurious penthouses in the “IT” location of the town, offers its residents spectacular and breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea while being in the heart of the town.
Love at first sight, the luxury of this exclusive project will astound you, from the moment you look at the façade to its glossy interiors, the clever design, the surprising tranquillity while being in the centre of the town and the facility that it offers to its residents.
With a private concierge and a private gym, the residents of The Majestic are sure to have more benefits than any other City Apartment owner there is.


The Gallery – The new Release by Kuutio Homes

The Gallery is the highly anticipated New Release by Kuutio Homes, located on the Coastal Plain of Paphos, incorporating both Beach and Town location with breathtaking unobstructed sea views of the Mediterranean’s splendor.

We are proud to announce that The Gallery is now a Winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate in Cyprus for 2020.

This group of 7 Luxury Residences are designed over three levels to provide ample space for all your family activities. They complement and blend with the rarity of their natural surroundings, while making their own statement with contemporary lines.


Monochrome is not necessarily boring

Monochrome is not necessarily boring and monotonous

With the hectic and often stressful lifestyle of our times, monochromatic choices offer an ideal solution, as we need a home that relaxes and revitalizes us. In addition to their calming effect, monochromatic choices provide a minimal, aristocratic and timeless style easy for us to decorate.

It is important to understand that even though we choose to use the same color in all rooms, this does not mean that there won’t be any variety. Accessories and Lighting can completely change the look and feel of the color from one room to another.

Dare now! Create your own personal style and choose white, soft gray and cream tones. The result will amaze you