Paphos luxury homes

Not every home you see with some lavish features qualifies to be a luxury home. The definition of luxury property has been distorted over the past few years. Platforms like social media are largely to blame.

Today we will highlight 10 features all new properties built in Cyprus should have. Bellow we present 10 key features to look out for. If all these features are present, then you can correctly classify that home as a luxury home.

What 10 Features Define a Luxury Home?

1. Energy Efficiency

No, this does not mean the property will produce electricity. A energy efficiency Class A property is a property that consumes less energy both during winter and summer due to its proper insulated materials used.

For a property to achieve an energy efficiency A it needs to:

  1. To be thermal insulated covered
  2. Requires upgraded energy efficiency aluminums + windows and materials

An energy efficient property offers its users a much better quality of living. For instance, during the summer heatwaves the property does not feel as warm as a property without a proper insulation, and whats important is that by turning on for just for a few minutes the A/C the house cools down and due the the thermal external insulation and aluminums it maintains that cool temperature for much longer hence the energy efficient property.

Same goes in winter, you will only need to turn on your heating system for 20 minutes, the house will keep the heat inside and the cold air out.

Some property developers do not properly insulate the properties and in order to achieve the energy efficiency class A they later add a photovoltaic system so the electricity bills from having the a/c units running all day to drop, don’t get me wrong, a photovoltaic system is great but the property should be able to achieve class A without the system, by adding a photovoltaic system the property should achieve class A+

2. Views and Proximity to Amenities

The views of a luxurious home are also unmatched. The location is usually highly sought after with breathtaking views. In fact, the home is designed to maximize the great views, which can be anything from ocean views to city views that a typical house wouldn’t get. Luxurious properties are also near all nessesary amenities. However, isn’t at the “cost” of a relaxing and peaceful environment.

3. High Ceiling Construction & Floor to Ceiling Windows

Cyprus law says the minimum ceiling height should be 2.60m but here at Kuutio Homes we never construct properties under 3m ceiling height, yes this is costly but high ceiling construction properties offer its users a much more airy feeling, the property gives you the illusion of a much bigger house. This needs to be combined with upgraded floor to ceiling windows, this will allow natural light to enter the property, and also when the windows are slided open create an inside out feeling.

4. High End Sanitary Ware

A luxurious home will also have lavish sanitary ware. Instead of typical sanitary ware (bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilet bowls, showers, etc.), you should see built-in toilets, built-in sinks, and bathroom countertops featuring expensive materials like marble or porcelain tile slabs matching those in the kitchen and other areas of the home.

5. Smart Home

Today’s luxury homes also have smart features. You should be able to control the home’s lighting, temperature, curtains, music, TVs, etc., remotely (via a smartphone or other remote devices) or automatically as per pre-set parameters.

6. Concealed A/C Units

Luxury property developers also make tidy design considerations, such as concealing A/C units. A unit that can be seen is considered untidy and may affect the interior aesthetics of a home.

7. Underfloor Heating System

A luxury property will also maximize on comfortable amenities. Underfloor heating systems top the list of luxurious amenities that make a home’s flooring comfortable to live in.

8. Large Sizes Floor Tiles

If the luxury home in question has floor tiles, they should be large (80 by 80 cm and above) for the home to qualify as luxurious. There is nothing luxurious about typical-sized flooring tiles measuring 30 by 30 cm. Besides large-sized tiles being easier to clean, they give an illusion of space. They are also costly and less common than their small counterparts, which makes them lavish.

9. Real Materials

A luxurious home will also have the real thing (i.e., solid hardwood floors instead of engineered wood). The idea isn’t to mimic the appearance of real materials but to actually use the real material regardless of factors like cost. If you see marble countertops, gold fittings, or other luxurious elements, it’s all real otherwise, such a house doesn’t meet the definition of luxurious.

10. Heavy Duty Entrance Door

Lastly, the entrance door must make a statement. It’s not enough for a luxury home to have an expensive-looking entrance door. The door should actually be expensive. If the entrance door is wooden, it should be made of some of the best, most expensive wood i.e., Iroko wood.

The above information is adequate enough to help anyone avoid mistakenly labeling a home as luxurious. Most importantly, you need a property developer who follows the above script and doesn’t compromise on anything.


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Rolandis Michele